Hyflux Ultra Filter HF1P

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  1. Just how clean is the water after using this HF1? Why would I need HF1?

    HF1P uses Hyflux's proprietory hollow fiber, ultrafiltration membrane, which gives more than 99.9999% bacteria reduction and reduces viruses (which most other filters do not) and cysts and the carbon block CTO filter reduces undesirable taste and odours in the water. Being a "water-on-demand" system, there is less risk of bacterial breeding due to water stagnation. HF1P provides you with convenience, taking away the chore of boiling water while giving you clean, fresh, great-tasting water anytime you want.

    Note: 99.9999 % reduction is 100 times more than 99.99 % reduction claims

  2. How does this product compare with other competitive brands in the market?

    Beyond exterior and feature differences, the core and most important component among water filters that maximizes health benefits is the type of filter used. For Hyflux's HF1P, it uses our proprietory Ultra filter that has pore sizes of less than 0.01micron, enabling it to reduce viruses and cysts, which are smaller-sized molecules than bacteria.

    Another key differentiation is our patented cartridge design with ‘Auto-shut' feature, ensuring non-leakage which automatically stops all water-flow whenever a cartridge is dislodged or removed.

  3. What is the extent of plumbing/waterworks needed with this product? I fear extensive works and the inconveniences.

    For this product, the drinking faucet that comes with the product is designed to be slim and silver-toned (using stainless steel) to fit any existing kitchen design or theme. Only a simple fitting needs to be installed on the water pipe to adapt to the system 3/8" tubing and a small opening to be prepared at the sink area for installing of the faucet. These can be easily performed by a plumber or D-I-Y.

  4. For myself who stays on the high floors (eg.>20 floors), is water pressure going to be an issue?

    Water pressure differences usually result from the piping layout and other determinants, hence height of your unit does not really matter. Nonetheless, most residential units have water pressure averaging between 2 to 4 bars. This system is suitable as long as your incoming water pressure is within the products' required range of between 1.4 to 6.9 bar.

  5. Since I already have a Central Water Filter System, I do not think I need this right?

    Central Water Filter Systems is a POE system (point of entry) which is affixed to a midpoint pipe location, to provide clean water for general household use (including washing, laundry, shower, etc). For drinking purposes, HF1P provides additional protection from bacteria, viruses and further removes any undesirable taste and odours in the drinking water. In retrospect, the pipes behind the walls are not accessible for cleaning, thus serve as a potential breeding ground for bacterial or virus build-up, and/or other contaminants.

  6. Most filtration systems have 3 stages (Pre, Membrane, Post), HF1 has only 2-stages?

    The HF1 System does not need a Pre-Filter, as the membrane filter already acts as a sediment filter for this system. Exception: For countries with poor water quality, then a sediment filter (pre-filter) is recommended to prolong the optimal performance of the membrane.

  7. Besides the Membrane Filter, what is the purpose of the other Carbon Cartridge?

    The carbon is like a final polish to make water better tasting, reducing undesirable taste and odour.

  8. What happens should I delay change of cartridge that is highly overdue?

    Besides an increasingly slow water flow rate, you may also detect poor taste and odour.

  9. Can the system be connected to a hot water line?

    The HF1 system is not meant for filtering hot water. The solution is to have water filtered first via the HF1 system, after which the water flow can then be redirected to a separate hot water boiler/dispenser.

  10. How long does each cartridge last?

    The longevity of the cartridges depends on the water quality, where you reside, as well as the volume/frequency of usage. The filtration capacity is rated at 3000 litres of water, averaging about 12 months' of usage (low usage means longer replacement period).

  11. How may I tell that it is time to change the filter cartridge?

    When the water flow rate has slowed compared to previous usage, it usually means time for change. This also implies that the filter cartridge has accumulatively helped to remove contaminants/bacteria/viruses, which are starting to clog up the membrane pores.

  12. What is the Shelf Life for the membrane?

    So long as the original packaging of the membrane is left unopened, it has one year's shelf life, providing optimal filtration for up to 3000 litres of water.

  13. Does it come with Warranty, and how can I get After Sales Service?

    Our products come with 1 year warranty for parts on the core product (base unit) excluding cartridges. It does not cover negligent/deliberate acts of wreckage.